The Clown and the Rakes—part 3

I ended part two right after addressing my middle name. I’ve started editing it to incorporate suggestions and address criticism from readers: thank you so much for the feedback! I’m saving those edits for a complete draft of The Clown and the Rakes. Today, we’re moving onto my last name… (Like all my posts thusContinue reading “The Clown and the Rakes—part 3”

Roysplainin’—The Clown and the Rakes (part 2)

Continued from part 1 The Clown and the Rakes—part 2 Anyway, the rest of the pronoun-identity conversation is best saved for a different setting. I just used it to better frame the importance of names: they’re even more powerful than pronouns. Serious discussions about those topics are better addressed by others; you don’t show upContinue reading “Roysplainin’—The Clown and the Rakes (part 2)”

The Clown and the Rakes—part 1

Welcome back. Turns out, writing about heavy topics weighs on me more than expected. Here’s a much lighter post. I hope this makes the heavier content more manageable (for me)… As always, I welcome feedback! The Clown and the Rakes—part 1 Have you ever seen that Simpsons clip of Sideshow Bob stepping on a rake?Continue reading “The Clown and the Rakes—part 1”